Who We Are

The Inclusion Group (Dundee) is a registered and regulated flexible community-based support service for young people and adults with additional support needs. We are based in Dundee.

The organisation has been running for over twenty-five years. Those involved in the organisation now are as committed as those who began it and always strive to see change and improvement towards a more inclusive world.

Our vision is for a world where people: have opportunities for choice, involvement and independence; receive the highest standard of support to achieve their goals and enjoy life; are treated with dignity, respect and positivity; and feel equal, included and safe

from Inclusion Group Strategy 2018-21

The Inclusion Group (Dundee) is made up of a team of upwards of 45 full and part-time staff and a Board who oversee the running and governance of the organisation.

We are ambitious to be ‘a well-run, well-governed, and sustainable organisation which is a good place to work and volunteer’.

We want to make a difference for the people who use our services and their carers and family member and they tell us we do.

We are a membership organisation. The membership of the organisation appoint the Board who in turn select from their number the office bearers they need, including the Chairperson who leads the Board.

Information about Board members is always included in the Annual Report which is published every year. If you are interested in becoming a member of the organisation, please contact the office on 01382 322677 for further information and an application form.

Our Chairperson

Yvonne Ryce has been on the Board of the Inclusion Group for several years. Yvonne worked abroad for many years in training and development, returning to the UK in 2000.  Prior to retirement Yvonne worked as a Business Education/Support for Learning Teacher.

Our Management Committee

Our current Management Committee comprises of:

  • Laura Bannerman
    Laura joined the Inclusion Group in December 2016. Laura came to the organisation with a long experience of working in social work and social care and of partnership working and wanted to put her professional experience and knowledge at the disposal of the Board of the Inclusion Group.
  • Elizabeth Souter
    Elizabeth joined the Inclusion Group as administrator in 1998 when the organisation was first launched. Over the next three years Elizabeth took on various roles before leaving to take up a teaching post. Elizabeth joined the Board in 2008.
  • Stephen Swann
    Stephen has been employed as a Support Worker with the Inclusion Group since 2008.  Stephen was elected by staff to be their representative on the Board of Directors in 2015 and has been in the role since. Stephen enjoys being able to both support service users and staff as part of his roles within the organisation.

Our Manager

Fiona Flynn has been our Manager since early 2017, following over 15 years in housing support, dementia care and managing learning disabilities services. Fiona has the passion drive and commitment to ensure that our services provide the best quality and value for our staff, service users, family carers and stakeholders. Fiona works closely with the Management Committee in the overall running o the organisation.

Our Team Leaders

Our team leaders are:

  • Craig Stirling, who is the lead of our Children’s services
  • Julie Cree, who is a part-time leader supporting both our Children’s and Adult services. Julie is also our part-time administrator, but will be moving from this post to a full-time Team Leader position in the near future.
  • Jemma Henderson, who is a part-time Team Leader who supports our Housing Support Service as well as Adult Services.
  • Hollie Vaughan, who is a part-time Team Leader who support Adult Services.
  • Kara Ward, who is a part-time Team Leader who also support Adult Services.

All of our Team Leaders have worked with the organisation for over 7 years and all worked as Support Workers before taking up their posts as Team Leader.

Our Support Team

We have a committed team of Support Workers many of whom have worked with us for over 2 years with some having over 10 years of service with the organisation.

We have recently recruited a further nine staff who are currently undertaking the induction programme. Our Support Workers are at the forefront of ensuring that our services users live their lives to the full and fully participate in activities within their homes and the community to meet their individual needs.

During the Pandemic, our workers have had to adapt, change and be creative in the way they deliver support to ensure that our service users still feel connected while unable to take part in their usual activities.

Our staff are all registered with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC)

Work For Us

We regularly advertise staff vacancies. If you are interested in joining our team of support workers you can either enquire at our office or view our current vacancies on the online recruitment platform, Indeed Jobs.

Together, we aim to support individuals to look to their own future; have confidence int heir own abilities; and take an active role as citizens in their own communities

from Inclusion Group Strategy 2018-21

Volunteer For Us

Volunteer activity has been difficult to sustain over the past couple of years, not least because of the restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an aspect of our offer we would like to revitalise. If you are interested in volunteering for us please contact our Manager on 01382 322677

The Company

We are a registered company, registered with Companies House and also a registered charity, registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)