What We Do

Our Offer

The Inclusion Group (Dundee) offers quality support to children, young people and adults who have additional needs for support.

Our service is provided by support workers who receive regular training and who are managed by one of five team leaders, who in turn are under the management of a service manager.

The team work to support plans developed in co-operation with the service user and their families, and the statutory services when they are involved.

How You Access Our Services

Most of the services for children, young people and adults are provided on the basis of contracts with Dundee Health and Social Car Partnership and Dundee City Council Childrens’ Service. They refer people to us that they believe would benefit from our service.

In addition, some people use self-directed support to access our service.

We provide for upwards of 65 children, young people and adults at any one time.

If you would like more information about accessing our service, please contact the office on 01382 322677 and ask to speak to one of our team leaders or our Manager.

How We Work Out What You Need

  • We have a personal approach to working out what would work best for you through assessment, support planning and risk assessment.
  • We commit, whenever possible, to undertaking this with your full engagement, along with that of any other formal or informal networks of support you may have.
  • The process results in you having a personal plan that has clear outcomes addressing your needs and risks.
  • You and others involved will be consulted throughout the process and encouraged to make choices and decisions about your support and life.
  • A human rights approach underpins what we do and how we do it.

What we believe in:
Enabling service users and staff to be the best they can be; happy, safe, fulfilled, independent, and having their voice heard.
Striving to provide the best, individually-agreed service to increase choice, control, and personal fulfilment.
Providing a platform for encouraging healthy relationships in all aspects of life and creating a sense of belonging within the Inclusion Group and the wider community.
Treating everyone with dignity and respect.
Respecting everyone’s right to privacy.

From Inclusion Group Strategy 2018-21

How Our Performance is Assessed

Our service is inspected regularly by the Care Inspectorate. They look at the quality of care we provide to ensure that it meets the standards expected of us. After an inspection, the Care Inspectorate issue a report.

You can access our most recent reports here.

What Our Service Users Say About Us